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  • AyersGTS - Front Office System
  • AyersBOS – Back Office System

Our front office system provides services range from terminal solutions with administrative and dealing module to web client interface, as well as integrations with external buy side and sell side systems; together as a total solution with 24/7 operation support services for our partner clients.

Our back office system supports securities or commodities trades delivery, as well as handling payment, commission, exchanges and third parties charges, interest calculation and exchange reporting etc. for easy and effective back office processing.

As a one stop total solution for Hong Kong and Global Securities Trading, our system caters multi-market, multi-currencies and multi-product trading and settlements. Scalability shall be the key of business expansion. Our Trading and Settlement Solution supports module-by-module implementation by simply adding in new trading or settlement modules into our core system when clients are stretching their reach from local to the globe. For Hong Kong and Global Market trading, as well as Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect, we have modularized our system to cater different business needs of our clients.

For Ayers Hong Kong and Global Futures Trading, our direct global exchange connections with CME and SGX, etc. allows us to better serve our partner clients on their global business reach. Under our multi-markets, multi-currencies and multi-product system can also better facilitate end clients’ trading activities and operation teams’ daily routine. Same as our Securities Solution, our Futures total solution is modularized for our partner clients’ procurement to align with their business plans.

With the nature as an order routing system, AyersGTS centralizes trade and order requests from different input channels such as mobile applications, web browser interfaces, pc download interfaces and, but not limit to, ALGO programing systems, for consolidated risk management. Flexibility are also given to our partner clients on the choice of global brokers, which we follows FIX / API interface when connecting the buy and sell side.

For partner clients who wish to dedicate more resources on business expansion, our ASP solution shall be the best choice to fully support your technical side of business. As backup locations for disaster recovery and business contingencies are necessary for a stable system; which we have already built our ASP hubs over the Asia Pacific Region, namely Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Together with the extensive network infrastructure built by our parent company Shanghai DZH Group, our partner clients can ride on our architecture to scale up their businesses.